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Joseph Prince – Are you hearing the true gospel?

By kreynol7 | In Joseph Prince | on May 6, 2013

Below i transcibed the entire sermon for your reading pleasure. Below i also include a summary overview of key points. Faith in Jesus is the only way to go to heaven, but the devil is working overtime to replace your faith through deception. Jesus saved you by His grace, and he will keep you by His precious grace. Have a heart check, watch this sermon.

Or watch the sermon on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9gKJUsoy-c

Or watch the sermon on Lightsource.com


Joseph Prince – Are you Hearing the True Gospel

There are many pastors, great men of God that has been impacted by the gospel of grace. We have spiritual giants being impacted by the gospel of grace however of course down thru the years we know there are voices coming against the gospel of grace. I don’t think that It is a matter of differences anymore, I think it’s a matter of blessing and cursing and life and death. Its no joke, because God will not allow anyone to malign to put down the gospel that his son died to give us. Lets look at Galatians 1:1

The apostle Paul in his opening statements to the churches of Galatia, what happened to the churches of Galatia, they had left the gospel of grace. Now listen church, the gospel is called the gospel of grace, we hear people saying do you believe in this message of grace, hey brother I like the message of grace, hey have you heard the message of grace or the book on grace, as if grace is a message, grace is not a message, in your bible school you have the gifts of the spirit etc.. grace is not a topic, grace is the gospel. Go to Acts 20:24 just before the apostle paul left for his journey missionary he gathered all the elders of Ephesus for the last time, he said they will never see his face again, the book of Ephesians and he told them none of the sufferings move him, nor does he count his life dear to himself so that he may finish his race with joy and the ministry that he received from the lord Jesus to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.

The grace of God is the gospel, the gospel is the gospel of the grace of God. We are not just to preach the gospel and get people saved, the gospel doesn’t end there, we live by the gospel, we eat by the gospel, every minister every church that preaches the gospel, god will bless that church, god will resource that church, god will bless that ministry and provide for the church, god will position that pastor that minister that missionary that organization to a place where everything is supplied for the sake of the gospel.

It is not a message it is the gospel. Now lets look at this in the amplified bible. Look at the last line, faithfully to attest to the good news. Gospel is the good news of gods grace, his unmerited favor, spiritual blessing and mercy, paul says to attest to the good news or to testify to the good news of gospel of gods grace, which is what His unmerited favor, there are voices today trying to say grace is not unmerited favor or not just unmerited favor, the bible says its unmerited favor, his unmerited unearned undeserved favor, that’s grace, don’t let anyone redefine grace for you. The bible defines grace in the bible, grace in the bible is unearned undeserved favor.

If its by works its no more grace, otherwise grace is no more grace, if its by grace its no more works, otherwise works is no more works, okay, don’t forget that. They are opposites to each other, yes grace will produce good works not dead works. Grace in and of itself is not empowerment, its unmerited favor, but when received becomes an empowerment. Grace is the gospel friends, it is not a message. The gospel today has been so misshapen that people don’t know the gospel.

Gospel is the gift of righteousness without works.

Some say be careful now, we are created unto Christ Jesus unto good works, yea we are created unto Christ Jesus good works but were not saved by good works. Righteousness by faith is under attack now. There are people saying things like there are people who think their going to heaven but by the things their doing, their in for a shock, one day they wakeup their eyes opened their in hell.


Again, you profess to believe righteousness by faith, but then your saying that’s how we begin that’s not how we finish. How we finish is righteousness by works.

In the mentality of many people the righteousness by faith message is being attacked like never before. Lets go to Galatians 1. I marvel, im shocked, im stunned, that your so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ, say grace of Christ, God called you into the grace of Christ, grace of Christ is the gospel, the unmerited favor of Christ, god called you into it now you are removed from it into another gospel. Today I hear all kinds of things, well the gospel that saved you is not the gospel that will give you victory, I just heard that preached, im stunned. We are back to galatians 1.

Lets see what paul says by the spirit, instead of staying in the gospel of grace they teach some things like you know what paul teaches you are saved by faith unmerited favor and you are kept by unmerited favor.

Your not saved by faith but you keep  yourself saved by works, NEVER.

Your saved forever, because it never depended on you. Amen, am I right now. How did we become righteous, by doing righteousness ,NO, how did Jesus become sin, by doing sin, uh oh be careful now, how did Jesus become sin at the cross, he received our sin, he did no sin, but he received our sin, so how do you and I become righteous today, having done no righteousness, we receive Jesus righteousness, the diving exchange. So when Jesus receive our sin did God say your still my son, I will pour favor on you at the cross. No God treated him like the greatest sinner. So likewise alright now that we have received Jesus righteousness, how does God treat us, like we are the most obedient person on the earth. Favor all the time, blessings surround us, because Jesus got what we deserved so that we will get what he deserved. This is the gospel.


Pastor prince you gotta tell people from now on they gotta watch what they do, because doesn’t mean that you are saved now, you may not be saved in the future, isn’t that interesting, what your saying is no one knows what sin will cause you to be unsaved. Let me ask you a question, when you were a sinner, you still remember those times, did you sin? All the time, did you do right things, sometimes. The good things that you did when you were a sinner, try to remember when you were a sinner before you were saved did you do some good things, did those good things righteous things you did, change your position as a sinner, no cannot change your position, what the first Adam did when he fell is so strong that a sinner cannot change his position by doing right.

What makes you think that what Jesus did, the last Adam, that today we are righteous after we receive him, BUT when you sin and do something wrong your now back to sinner again, then you confess then become righteous again then before the days over you sin again errr. We are not even honoring the work of Jesus but we honor the work of Adam. So what am I saying, go and sin, of course not, no one hearing me correctly would ever come to that conclusion. Im telling you, you must have confidence of what Jesus did, im talking about equal ground, what Jesus did is much more than the first Adam did.

When you sin, you are still the righteousness of God. You need to know that. You need to declare that and that’s what causes you to overcome the sin. If you believe wrong, you believe oh now ive fallen, god is frowning at me now, he’s giving me the cold shoulder now, if you believe wrongly what will happen is wrong living, but when you believe right your still the righteousness of God in Christ, you believe that you will overcome the sin. That’s the gospel paul preached.

Another thing that people should think about, the gospel paul preached, when paul preached the gospel was he misunderstood. Today when people preach the gospel are they misunderstood. Naturally when people preach the gospel are they misunderstood. Paul was misunderstood as saying let us sin more that grace may abound. Did they accuse paul of that? Romans 6:1

They accused paul of preaching what let us sin more, that grace may abound. Why? Because paul preached so strong where sin increase grace super abounds, now that paul preached. BUT, paul never said let us sin more that grace may abound, but they concluded that from pauls preaching of the gospel that paul is saying let us sin more more that grace may about, which paul never did, for them to misunderstand paul, paul must have preached a radical grace.

Why is it today, generally speaking im preaching the gospel, but no one accuses them your telling people they can sin, they say that of paul, I tell you what I have received that before, and im still getting that accusation, you know that I never teach let us sin more that grace may abound, my heart is full of passion for one women, my wife, I have never and I say this by the grace of god, slept bodily with any other women, its by the grace of god, don’t think for one moment that the guy up there is speaking the grace of god because he has a lot of mess in his life.

The thing is that if your preaching the true gospel people will misunderstand you, oh your giving people license to sin, all these fears mean what the true gospel that paul preached is being preached again, the same accusations paul received then is being received again. Preachers will fight tooth and nail to say their preaching the true gospel, but where is your accusation, how come people don’t misunderstand you, I preach a balanced gospel, your putting new wine in old wine skins, your trying to make it palatable for human years, its all of Christ and none of self. Not some of self and some of Christ. Your salvation, the maintence of salvation, your blessings, is all of Christ and none of self. Human flesh always wants to take credit, and god gives him none. All the glory goes to Jesus. The amazing thing of the gospel of grace, everytime you preach the gospel of grace jesus gets the glory.

Pastor prince what does this mean to my finances, im struggling in my body and finances, it all comes back to the gospel, when the true gospel is preached people prosper, sicknesses are healed, Abraham started prospering when he started believing the gospel. Amen.

This is your food and drink, this is your life, the medicine you take everyday cannot even protect you, maybe maintain you, this gospel will cure you. Why?

Romans 1: I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power fo god to salvation. Salvation means wholeness, completeness, health, peace of mind, prosperity.

So you believe in prosperity, yes, guilty, I believe in prosperity in my spirit first. Where it all begins, then my body, and my mind and my outside. If I have no prosperity, how can I be a blessing to people. There are starving children in india, myranmar, that were supporting and helping, we want to be a greater blessing, if we have nothing when we give its nothing. So its only one part of the salvation, the word salvation is a mouth full.

The gospel is THE POWER OF GOD.

Not your fasting, not your praying. It behooves us to hear more of the gospel, when your broke, your sick listen to the gospel. Power to pull you into the victory, that’s power, definite article, THE, THE POWER, of God unto your soteria (salvation, health, wholeness, well being, prosperity) the power to all that is the gospel for everyone who believes, the jew first and the greek.

In the gospel, the righteousness of God, NOT THE SINFULLNESS OF MAN. Some preach a gospel, well this is a gospel truth, man is perverse and many of you need to repent of your sins, blah blah man sin man sin…. hey the gospel doesn’t reveal mans sin, yes the idea of Jesus coming is because man has sinned, its self evident, but the gospel is NOT REVEALING MANS SIN, in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed and this righteousness is a gift. Its revealed from faith to faith.

This righteousness is a gift. The devil is so afraid that you will see it as a gift.

Because the day you see it as a gift, your unclean habits are over. Your days of lack are over. Your sick days are over. You have to go to work. Romans 5:17 For if, by the trespass of the one man, death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ!

Those that receive abundance thats you and I new creation church, those who receive abundance of grace, and the gift, the gift, the gift, the gift, the gift, the gift, the gift, the gift, the gift of righteousness, what happens to them, they shall reign in life through Jesus Christ. And it does not matter how bad the economy is, the bible says its by receiving these two gifts, and the gift of righteousness, you will reign in life. And kings are not broke.

Not reign after you die. You’ll still be raining, but raining in life with the abundance of life. Righteousness is a gift. Its amazing when I hear people talk sometimes, they will use the verse, seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and that’s why we have to learn Gods ways of being right, now I agree with that, Gods ways of being right is receive the gift. Gods ways of being right and doing right I have a problem, righteousness is not doing right, it produces doing right, but it is not doing right, it’s a gift. This gift when you receive you end up doing right without knowing your doing right.

Are you with me. If you are sick, the gospel is your medicine. If you are broke the gospel is your bank. If you were the devil knowing that the gospel is salvation in every area. What would you attack, to stop the believer, you would attack the gospel. You would try to change the gospel.

That’s what paul said in galatians 1. Im stunned your so soon removed from Him that called you intot he grace of Christ into another gospel. There is no other gospel, paul says the grace of Christ is the gospel that paul preached but there are some  who would pervert the gospel. Then paul says his apostolic anointing tho we are an angel from heaven, not an angel from hell  not a demonic angel a fallen angel, tho we are an angel from heaven preach any other gospel than that what we have preached to you let him be accursed. Again as we said before, I say now again.

Paul is driving the point home. Double cursed. Anathema, it’s a command let him be accursed, twice, it’s a double curse. Why use such strong words, paul was passionate about the gospel. If you see a wolf taking care of sheep, all of sudden the sheeps mother has died and the wolf took over, and you are another shepherd and want to rescue the flock, you have to deal with the wolf first.

So god says if anyone is preaching any other gospel other than the gospel of grace the good news of Jesus Christ, there is a double curse on that person. If anyoneone preach any other good news other than the good news of gods grace, the grace of Christ, theres a double curse

I ask the Lord one time wow, severe, why would you put a curse lord. The lord says you know what is a curse. I said I have a rough idea. He said the curse will stop you in your tracks. They will be no longer able to preach. It will shut you down, favor stops flowing, influence is curtailed, all of a sudden you find, oh my goodness what happened to me, your coming against grace, don’t play around. The gospel of grace is not originally pastor prince, it came through paul. Don’t mess around. You come against the gospel of grace. Bang everything stops, your wondering, what happened, you blame everyone else. God loves the gospel and god loves the people, don’t come under this curse.

Joseph prince learned long time ago, curse no good. Blessings good.

So if there is a double curse on anyone that preaches any other gospel, than if I preach the gospel of grace, im double blessed. Say im not stupid, say what you want, im blessed, at the end of the day its not the people that block, its not the people that tax, or write articles, its whether god gives influence to what they say, if god causes my words to fall to the ground, so be it, but if god causes their words, they can write thousands of words, the become skinny and empty words. When I speak God gives me weight, in Hebrew its called cavot. To god be the glory, never be afraid of people who come against you, is god giving me influence, don’t lend them your influence by paying attention to them.

Are you with me people. Wow, this thing is serious. Well pastor prince, people who preach grace are tyringg to be man pleaseers. Paul is saying do I know persuade men or god, do I seek to please men. This the opposite, if I yet please men I should not be the servant of Christ. He’s talking in context of what,

those who preach GRACE are pleasing God, those who preach another gospel are pleasing men. You know why, if you say, god has this part, and you have your part, people feel yes, I have something to do. It’s a man pleasing message, its pleasing to the flesh, you know I did something, you know this power and anointing that’s on me,  I fasted 40 days, you gotta fast man, I look at you and I know you don’t fast, I tell you I pray, see how flat my knees are, im exaggerating to prove a point, there is a lot of comparison in the body of Christ, as if our works is greater. Your trying to have one-upmanship, and all the while grace puts us all on level ground. In terms of their righteousness, its as equal as you because Christ is there righteousness as well.

Those who are preaching a mixed gospel, GRACE PLUS YOUR WORKS YOUR PERFORMANCE are man pleasers.

Paul says if I ever compromise the gospel and please man, I will not be the servant of Christ. Well pastor prince the gospel will not cause division. Have you ever read Acts 13, paul was by this man is preached to you the forgiveness of sins in Christ and all who believe are justified from all things that you could not be justified by the law of moses, and at the end there was a split some jews were angry, paul was saying you are no longer justified by the law, you are justified by Christ. The next week the entire city showed up to hear the gospel of grace.

There was a division. Jesus said his message would divide father, mother, sister. Don’t think I came to bring peace, outwardly, one day there will be an outwardly peace, by the way he came to give us peace inwardly, even when things go wrong, but Jesus says because of the gospel there can be an animosity in the family because of the gospel. Who says the gospel will make everyone just happy and happy, all one, no, it will cause if your not willing to submit to the gospel of grace, straight away there will be a division.

We cannot come down to where you are, to come down is to fall from grace, grace is higher ground. Are you with me church.

After Solomon died, the king that had the most women than any other king, he had 1,000 wives and concubines total. That man fell in such a way he didn’t realize how terrible it was to have 1,000 mother in laws. He left behind a divided kingdom, don’t forget in the coveneant you split the lamb in two and you go between the pieces, if I break the covenant with you may God do to me what was done to the lamb.

Israel was divided in two, north and south, Judah and the 10 tribes. Rehobom the son of Solomon took over, and he was a weak leader. What happened during his time King sheshack, king of Egypt came against Jerusalem and took away the treasures of the house of the Lord, he took everything, the gold shields which Solomon had made. King rehobom, replaced, made bronze shields in their place and committed them in the guards of the kings house. So the enemy came and took away the gold shields that Solomon made, now this would have never been possible had Israel not been worshiping idols. Solomon had different wives from Egypt (old life) that turned his heart away from the true god and the kingdom was split. Now watch this king shisha came in and took away gold shields, say gold shields, rehobom replaced the gold shields with bronze shields, if you polish bronze it looks like gold.

You find that rehobom replaced for outward show, poverty has come in, so he put up the bronze shiled because it looks like gold, but the substance is different. Whats the meaning. Bible interpret bible. What is shield, shield is faith, where find it Ephesians 6. Shield of faith.

Gold in the bible divine righteousness, silver is redemption, in other words the golden shield is this, the enemy is wanting to take away the righteousness by faith, because shield is a picture of faith. It is a defense for the believer, when you have the righteousness by faith, it’s a defense against all of the curses that came when Adam fell. So what the devil wants is he takes away the shield of faith, righteousness by faith, that’s the gospel, that’s whats happening now…sheshag means greedy of fine linen in Hebrew. Whats the deal about fine linen. More importantly the meaning means unto her the bride of Christ all of us was granted to be in fine linen, for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. The word righteousnesses is plural, its each individuals righteousness. God sees that as your dressing. When the weather is warm its cool, when weather cold it keeps you warm. That’s the beauty of linen.

Now again, shield is faith, gold divine righteousness, whats the devil trying to do? Remove the gospel which is the revelation of righteousness by faith.

Bronze in the bible is always a picture judgement. Its very consistent, any bible school will teach you it’s a type of judgement. Another words, instead of righteousness by faith, people are thinking that judgment is what the gospel is about, the focus is on judgement, and they both look the same, but the substance is heaven and hell, life and death.

Not every gospel you think you are listening to is the gospel, make sure it’s the gospel that paul preached, make sure that person has misunderstood, like paul was misunderstood. Make sure it’s a revelation not of man’s sin, its obvious man has sinned, or else theres no need for the gospel, but it’s a revelation of the gift of righteousness. Okay.

So bronze is a picture of judgement. So where is the righteousness by faith, its gone. Its been robbed right now, what about our sins, their more sin conscious, then they are that they are righteous in Christ.

Another thing the devil does, whenever someone preaches the true gospel, the gospel of grace of Christ, he says oh he’s preaching license, it’s a crowning achievement of the devil to turn white to black and black to white, he switches the true gospel for a false gospel, joseph is restoring the gospel that paul preached.

It used to be those who preached law and grace were man pleasers, now they say that those who preach grace are man pleasers, watch this, in Jude 1, Jude is the physical brother of Jesus Christ, in the gospels that jesus was walking Jude and James did not believe in Jesus their brother, but they got saved later on, but the bible mentioned that the book of Jude and James, they say Jude a bondservant of Jesus Christ, he didn’t say brother of Jesus Christ, he no longer sees his brother in the flesh, a bondservant of Jesus Chrsit, and brother of James. But james and jude are physical brothers born of Mary, Jesus 100% man 100% diety.

Contend earnestly for the faith, which was once delivered to the saints. Something happened when he wrote the book of jude, Jude appears just before revelation. Something happened towards the end of the early church, some people came in and Jude has to say, fight for THE (definite article) faith, once delivered to the saints.

You know what THE FAITH, righteousness by faith, that’s the gospel, Fight for it, why, for certain men, these people are not believers, they are false teachers, professors, they dress like a Christian they sound like a Christian, they are in christian ministers roles, whoever these men are they stopped the faith of the early church, the faith that moves mountains, the faith that causes everyone to be healed, now the church is dried up. The faith is being attacked, whoever these certain men are, for certain men crepped in un-noticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men who turned the grace of our God into lootness (unbridled lust) and denied the only lord god and our lord jesus Christ. When you read this, people quote this, that’s whats happening now this, theire are people saying you can do whatever you want with grace, WE HAVE NEVER SAID YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.

We have said you have no power to do what you want, but somehow there is a propensity to do what you don’t want to do, so grace will help you, grace is the answer.


People teach grace as the right to unbridled lust. Just doing whatever you want with your body. People teaching grace are teaching lootness. Can I close with some scholarly exhortation, greek, new testament is in greek, the word ‘turn’ every thing turns on this word turn, the word turn is metatiphomy.


Word for word definition, is the word to transpose. 2 things one of which is put in place of the other. Grace is watered down for do whatever you want. Turn is not perverting grace(bringing in the law) its transpose, one is put in place of the other, to change, to fall away, or desert from one personal thing to another, one thing is exchanged for the other. Cause to change places, whenever theres no more grace, grace is removed, guess what comes in, lootness.


To change position, you take away grace and in its place what do you have, lootness. Lets use noah websters dictionary, a truly redeemed Christian. He talks about redemption, propritiation, and he uses the lord Jesus name with capital ‘L’, transpose is to substitute one for the other.


Pastors switch demonstration: they been transposed.


Transpose means to substitute one: the gospel of grace, for lootness. Its not saying grace causes lootness/licensiousness.

The very thing the devil must do before he can bring lootness to the church is to remove grace. Are you with me. And this word metatophomy, is used in Galatians 1: I marvel that you are so soon, metatophomy (removed), god brought you into the grace of christ, and now you believed something else, you have abandoned grace for another gospel, which is not another gospel, there is no other gospel, it is not the degeneration of grace or perverting the grace into lootness, its actually REPLACING GRACE WITH SOMETHING ELSE, are you listening people. So whats happening in the book of Jude at that time, people are substituting the grace of God, in other words to substitute it you must remove it first, you must attack anyone that preaches it and make it sound like heresy, which in reality what your bringing is heresy.

So God says I will not allow that, I will let the person come under a curse, so everything in that persons ministry will come to a stop, I don’t know about you about I want to say wow, I don’t want to be there. God loves his flock, god loves his people, at the end its not the people that deal with the pastor, its God. All the letters to the 7 churches is not meant for the average person its for the angelose of the church,the messenger of the church, the pastor of the church, the rebuke is to the pastor. Can you understand why now the letters of the pastoral epistles they are pastoral letters. Like titus, and timothy, only in these letters do you find, usually grace and peace, now its mercy, grace, and peace, the pastor needs it more because he knows more. Are you listening people. Don’t think it’s a light thing to be a pastor, you make sure your preaching the right gospel.

Whatever they do when they replaced the grace of God, guess what, Jesus loses his center place. They are denying Jesus Christ, now the gospel that we have preached let me ask you this, does it make Jesus center place, or does it side track Jesus, center place right, the people are even writing songs, Jesus be the center of my life, when you preach grace jesus takes center place, when you preach grace people want to worship Jesus, who gets the glory, Jesus, amen. So but this people when they replace gods grace, they teach denying Jesus, how many sermons do you hear, you hardly hear Jesus at times. Its about mans efforts, mans performance, what you need to do, 7 step 8 step, at the end Jesus is denied. If that not enough, if you drop down to verse 11, wooh to them, for they have gone in the way of Cain, the way of Cain, whats the way of Cain, remember the first murdered in the bible. Cain murdered his brother Abel, why?

Why? Because Cain was not a worshiper, no, both were worshipers. But one came to God by the works of his hands, he brought fruits vegetables, as if God wants the produce of his hands, he worked to produce these things and brought god these things, but god wants what, blood.

Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins, so when man brings the bloodless sacrifice in essence he’s saying im not a sinner, I don’t need blood to cover me, I don’t need the innocent to die for me, im not guilty, in fact by my own performance I can satisfy your justice and your requirements. That is what the way of Cain is saying, tis a religion based on performance. Now watch this, his brother, what did he bring, the bible says he brought a lamb, and the lamb was killed and offered it to god.

Now he is saying im a sinner, if the lamb is not killed I will be killed for my sins, but I lay my hands on the lamb my sins transfer to the lamb, the lambs righteousness transfers to me, and the lamb is killed and I go blessed I go free. Now God had favor on Abel, so much so, that Cain was jealous of Abel and murdered his brother, the first murder in the bible was religious murder, someone who believes he’s righteous by his performance, killing someone who is righteous by his faith.


God is saying this certain men that came into the church they have gone the way of Cain, they are bringing back human performance, man’s works, the produce of your hands, no more focus on the blood and the lamb.

They have run greedily in the air of Balaam for profit, who is balaam is a prophet in the OT, king balaak, the king of Moab, he was afraid of the Children of Israel, hires professional witch wizard, balaam. Balaam has reputation when he curses someone that person experience bad things, he told them to curse Gods people and when he tried to curese, God changed balaams mouth and out of Balaams mouth came blessings. You know why, because when God blesses you you cannot be cursed, that’s why im saing if someone removes that assurance from you they will be cursed. I tell you, no wizard, no witch, no nobody can do a spell and bring you under a curse, those that God has blessed no one can curse, you are blessed, the curse will just bounce off. Balaam did it for the money.

The sad thing is that the error of Balaam is this, the people who are blessed by God can be cursed by God. There are people that are teaching that a Chrisitain is under a curse, generational curses, and many times its done for profit. Why? Because when you give people assurance they give out of the willingness of their heart, they know if they don’t give doesn’t mean the curse, you get to give to god and participate, but when you teach people there is a curse in your life and I can break it, then they keep coming back to the person, money usually involved.

one thing to always remember this: no minister should council for money. We have tithing, offering, gods system to prosper you, but you never allow anyone. Before I pray for your child, I believe if you send $1,000 to my ministry, your child will receive their healing. You cannot deserve your healing for your child, your child will be healed because 2,000 yrs ago, the stripes cut into the flesh of our savior, and he bled and cried for you to be healed, and by his stripes were healed. You cannot purchase healing.

The error of balaam, those who believe in generational curses, their never quite sure that its completely broken, theres no assurance, my bible says that the last thing Jesus did before he cried its finished, he shouted I curse. In the OT god says I will make a new covenant, there will come a time they will no longer say, the fathers crime the children pay for it, no more. I will make a new covenant, the last thing Jesus did before he said its finished, was he received sour wine, he took the curse the generational curse that you and I supposed to have, you know what it’s all finished!

You are not under a generational curse. All curses broken at the finished work of Christ!

But pastor prince I and my son are afraid of thunder. When children are young, the moment they see the fathers reaction, thunder ahhhhh, the child learns thunder frightening, a lot of fears are learned from parents, its not a generational curse, they observe and learn what you fear and they adopt your fears. Children learn fears from us. Boooom, nothing, one of Gods children playing the drums. Be careful, careful, careful….life has a lot of cares, careful, full of cares. Medical science tells us babies only have 2 fears, fear of falling, and fear of loud noise, the rest is learned. If you are worried over an exam, the baby sense your worry, they also worry over an exam. You stress, they stress. Education.

They perished in the rebellion of Kora. Kora is one of those guys that instigated an insurrection against Moses, because he was jealous of Aaron. God made Aaron the first high priest of Israel. Who is our high priest? Jesus. So you know what, Kora says, him and his gang came to Moses, why do you exalt Aaron above us, all of us are holy, we don’t need Aaron. God says alright, you don’t need Aaron, Moses told them, tomorrow you take your incense, if anyone is not appointed by God its called strange incense, they die, if not priests, they die. Next day they all died.

Why is it some people they are so, burn up, burn out, burn out, because they never preach of the high priest. They don’t see the need for the high priest. This ministry sees our necessity for our high priest. To say you don’t need the high priest is to say, as I am so am I in this world.


But we those of us in new creation church, as our high priest is, so are we in this world. So in the last days, the rebellion of Kora will cause people to perish. In other words, they are going by the way of Cain, the teaching of man’s works, will be exalted in the last days.


The error of Balaam believing that Gods people can be righteous and then tomorrow, un-righteous. Blessed and then tomorrow under the curse.


Rebellion of Kora. Rebelling against the fact that they are all sinners and they need Jesus Christ to be their mediator to be their high priest, no we don’t need Jesus, we can by our own performance be our high priest, and the result is you’ll be fired.

So ask yourself, the gospel that you hear from this pulpit. Is the opposite of the way of Cain, the error of Balaam, the opposite of the rebellion of Cora. Church the message of grace puts Jesus back into the center place, the message of grace makes everything of Jesus and none of man.

So what’s going to happen in the last days.

You hear a sermon sometimes, and hardly hear about Jesus, it’s all about what you need to do 7 steps, 8 steps, men is being magnified, the way of Cain is being magnified. Church this world you live in its not a perfect world, were trying to improve the world.

It’s a fallen earth, man tried to improve himself. Man is fallen. The only answer is the gospel. One day through the gospel there will be a new heaven. God will create a new heaven and a new earth, no more pollution, the lion and the lamb will play together. The bible says that, nothing in my holy mountain that will hurt or destroy. Jesus Christ is coming back.

Don’t be ensnared by the lies of the world, that we can improve this or that. No you have thought nations would become more civilized, their getting worse. Mankind is mankind. They all need the Gospel, that rich man needs the gospel, any leader at any level needs the gospel.

Man is irretreavably lost, were all facing the place where the worms will eat their body, but god forbid that they go to a place where the worms die not, its real Jesus talked about hell more than any person, and he’s a savior and he loves us. So let’s never compromise the gospel, the gospel of grace has come, its paid for with a dear price, church give Jesus the praise and glory.

Every head bowed, every eye closed, in this place, all those of you who have never made the decision to put your trust, your complete trust on Gods beloved son, there is no other name given under heaven by which we must be saved, no other name, except the name of Jesus.


Friend what you do with Jesus is what God does with you, you honor him God honors you, you lift him up God will lift you up, you accept Him God accepts you, and through this man Jesus Christ, is preached to you the forgiveness of sins, and in an unqualified way, there’s nothing for you to do but to believe that Jesus has done it all, that at the cross the transfer took place, God took all your sins and placed it on Christ, god took all of Christ righteousness and set it too your account, if you will believe, just like you didn’t do good to become righteous Jesus didn’t sin to become sin at the cross, but today because Jesus has become sin at the cross with your sins, you can become righteous with his righteousness, if that’s you wherever you are, pastor prince pray for me, I want this gift of righteousness, I know it’s not by my own works, I renounce my works, I cast my daily doing down, and put my trust in Christ and Christ alone for my salvation. Pray for me, pray this pray from your heart now:

Heavenly Father, I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God, 100% God, 100% man, who died on the cross, for all my sins and because his blood is eternal I am forgiven of all my sins, past, present, and future. And you raised him from the dead, he’s alive today, and is coming again to bring me home to perfect happiness. I believe father, im greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved, completely forgiven, in Jesus name. Amen.



This coming week, the double blessing is on you, the Lord himself blessed you, blessed you with the blessings of Abraham, the lord himself, keep you and preserve you from sudden fear and evil, from all the powers of darkness from every sickness and contagion,t he lord himself protect you through his own blood the lord make his face shine on you, may you walk in the supernatural favor of god, the favor of god goes before you and rpeapare the way and lifets up his countenance on every family at the sound of my voice and grants to you his shalom peace in the name of Yeshua hamashiak.



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